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Everyone is getting ready for the big “Windy Weekend” that starts the day that this podcast is released and it is also the day that “Expendables 3″ is released, a day Don has been waiting for for months but that excitement is quickly squashed when Perry admits to illegally selling copies of that film. During his weekly call into the show, JQA admits to something that could put a real strain on his upcoming marriage to Tom Brennan.

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This podcast has everything that a GREAT Big 3 Podcast should have so critics that have heard the show are calling it an instant classic and one of the B3′s all time greats. “The System” is following Perry every where and we find out about his hearing, Perry brings the Tommy Bahama shirts he owes Don, Perry recalls his classic Lucky’s routine, but the big news is JQA proposes marriage to Tom Brennan and Rucka Rucka Ali quickly writes a new song about it.

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Our friends over at The Naughty Show gave us a present that they thought Perry would love and he did, a chocolate penis that Perry wolfed down during the podcast that gave The Scaremaster a bit of a sugar rush that lead to a lot of screaming. Perry announces that he is writing an autobiography that will talk about his early skateboarding days, becoming a driver for prostitutes and his comedy career but there won’t be any mention of R.C.

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Perry arrived at the podcast late because he had to use the restaurant to relieve himself then took some questions about his Javahoe religion including responding to the question about the name of the lower level Javahoes. Hugh A. Craig III sent his first letter in quite a while and sent a tape of a phone conversation between Perry and Tom Brennan where The Scaremaster had some pretty mean words to describe how he felt about Mary Jane.

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Perry seems a little shy about trying to get out another one of his very important retirement announcements which makes it so his BIG announcement is not mentioned until nearly the end podcast before he finally says farewell to his skateboarding career. In addition this podcast journey takes us through Perry’s screams, lies & his homophobic life style & Mole invites fans to go mud-shark fishing while he questions his alter-ego, Tony The Barberian.

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If Perry keeps feeling the way that he’s feeling now it doesn’t look like there is going to be a August 16th Pool Party & it doesn’t look like the eight fans that won a trip to stay in Perry’s apartment the five days they were in town ism't happening either. It seems that the door for these two parties in mid-August aren’t completely over as of yet because Perry is very wishy-washy if he was sincere or not when talking about them during this podcast, but you be the judge.

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Perry seems on fire from the minute that he gets to the studio because as everyone finds out later he had a big announcement to make but never gets around to letting his feelings be known and because of that we don’t get to the announcement until the show is nearly over. John Quincy Adams announces his new “Beef Eater” clothing line while making a wise decisions to use The Scaremaster to model the new shorts.

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The Big 3 make their return to the podcast that made the three lads international stars and make the announcement that they will be shooting the un-named Big 3 series that will finish shooting in mid-August where they will invite fans to be part of the FINAL scene the weekend of August 16th. There were a few other announcements were made that a Big 3 Podcast will be taped every other week until that weekend, Simply Don – The Podcast Network Store will be opening very soon & Perry announce that he is going to be Baptized a Javaho Witness when we’re done with the series.

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